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Coaching Clients

As coaches we appreciate opportunities to serve


Your Wildwood coach will empower you to better understand yourself, and will guide you on your journey of self-development. 


Learn together in your own home as your coach leads you to master the skills of happy, successful relationships. 


Let us show you how to use these tools and skills in your community to create a culture that engages the compassion and intelligence of all of its members. 

Consulting Clients

As consultants we work collaboratively with our clients to teach them how to get the best from
the collective intelligence of their organization. Wildwood clients include:

  • elected leadership teams including school boards, municipal and other elected councils,

  • provincial and regional associations and agencies

  • citizen-led initiatives and community coalitions

  • boards of directors and staff of not-for-profit, community service organizations

  • employee groups and teams 

  • individuals, couples and families

Specific clients include:

  • Canadian Foodgrains Bank

  • Canadian Cancer Society

  • Baptist Housing Ministries

  • Association of Manitoba Municipalities

  • Municipal Employees Benefits Plan

  • School boards across Canada

OneSmartWorld Clients

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