ABOUT Wildwood Consulting:

We show people like you how to make better use of your total intelligence. We do this by equipping you with tools and teaching you skills to achieve your personal and shared goals.

David Church
Principal Consultant

David Church is a master facilitator and personal development coach who teaches people to live with greater intelligence and compassion in their homes and workplaces.


David leads the Wildwood Consulting Group, a team that offers personal coaching and professional consulting to promote positive change for individuals, organizations and communities. David also created LoveSmart, a relationship skills course that uses OneSmartWorld’s tools to teach individuals, couples and families to practice the 12 skills of living intimately with compassion and intelligence. David is also curator of Art Lovers Gallery, in partnership with DJ Block. 


David is an expert facilitator who helps community organizations and businesses articulate their visions and missions, develop strategic plans, address challenging situations, and strengthen their work teams. David’s work is informed by his Masters in Human Systems Intervention (2005) from Montreal’s Concordia University.

Jamey McDonald
Associate Coach

Jamey McDonald's strengths are in assessing and appreciating what goes on in individual and organizational life.  Jamey draws on insights gleaned from over 25 years of working compassionately with people.


He is skilled in using the top tools of contemporary analysis. These insights and tools empower Jamey to provide clear analysis of "what's going on" and "what needs to happen".   

He is especially experienced in working with the not for profit world.  NFP’s have unique challenges in leadership, governance, strategic planning, employee review and funding. 


He has worked with government agencies, (federal and provincial), national charities, local community groups, and 100’s of individual leaders, managers,and  key personnel.  He is comfortable in the large hall, the board room, and in the coffee shop conversation.  

DJ Block
Customer Relations Manager

DJ Block is an integral member of the Wildwood team who excels in project coordination and event management.


Her skills in conference planning and event management give DJ an opportunity to express her commitment to ensuring caring and comfortable environments for all of our clients.

High in cool and warm yellow, DJ's warm heart and sharp mind are fully engaged in ensuring that our Wildwood team works with each of our clients with friendly efficiency as Customer Relations Manager.

DJ is enthusiastic about OneSmartWorld's tools and techniques. She is also a LoveSmart coach apprentice.

The Wildwood team are enthusiastic supporters of OneSmartWorld. Our partners at OneSmartWorld have created an ingenious set of "simple tools for complex times" that make it easy for each of us to elevate our performance as individuals, and as members of families and teams.

Wildwood's team are trained to use OneSmartWorld tools and techniques to enhance the effectiveness of our consulting and coaching services.We use these tools to empower people to understand how they are smart, and how to be smarter as individuals and together.

Wildwood's team empowers individuals, families and organizations by providing access to OneSmartWorld's 
state-of-the-art personal development tools, and by teaching people how to use them to succeed in life.